A New Option for Emphysema Patients

Now I can actually breathe much better, which makes me feel much better. A patient of Prof. Dr. med. Felix Herth, Heidelberg – Germany
Everything about my life is improved… I’m in love with life again! Patient Michael McPheeter

Emphysema is an advanced form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – also known as COPD – which is progressive and, over time, leads to ongoing breathlessness.

It can make everyday activities, such as eating, walking, housework, even brushing your teeth, challenging and can cause extreme fatigue. Some studies1 suggest that the quality of life for emphysema patients is even worse than end-stage lung cancer.

Previously, once a patient moved beyond conventional treatment such as drugs, pulmonary therapy and oxygen, the only alternatives were open surgery or lung transplantation. The Zephyr Endobronchial Valve, a minimally invasive treatment for emphysema that, for the right patients, has been proven to significantly improve lung function, exercise tolerance and quality of life.

Patients share their Zephyr® valve stories

Patient Aldine Reynolds, Nevada, USA – Being there for the ones you love.

Patient Michael McPheeters, California – USA – returning to a lifelong passion: music

Patient Keith Young, Leeds – UK – from depression to enjoying family again

A patient of Dr. Giuseppe Failla, Palermo – Italy – from feeling suffocated to long walks with the wife

Patients of Prof. Dr. med. Felix Herth, Heidelberg – Germany – resuming normal life again: gardening, bicycling and swimming


  1. NCBI – Abstract PMID 11083884 – Thorax. 2000 Dec;55(12):1000-6.
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